4th of July!

July 5, 2014

Another 4th has come and gone! Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. Marina del rey was packed as usual with no parking to be found anywhere and hundreds, if not thousands of boats out on the water! It was an absolutely spectacular day and a great fireworks show!

Marina del Rey

June 25, 2014

Well folks, Breathless is now officially settling into her slip I’m Marina Harbor Anchorage. It is great to be home and have all of my contacts/resources available. Not to mention, it’s a bit easier to communicate in English! There are a number of things that need attention that we either couldn’t do in the yard or didn’t like the qualifications of the people down south that now need to be addressed. Working on getting all of the mechanical systems services and making sure everything is top notch. I am also looking for a stewardess to assist me with the boat. If you know anyone, send her my way. 

Breathless – The Next Chapter

May 20, 2014

It has been a while since I last posted and for that I apologize. I guess life happened and keeping up on the blog took a back seat. But here I am an d I will quickly catch you up. After working on the oil rig supply boats off of long beach/seal beach for a few months, I was offered the opportunity to run a 72ft Princess Private yacht.

I have been onboard Breathless now for the past 3 months and loving it. We spent the first 2 months in La Paz, Mx and have now made our way up to Ensenada. We are in the yard at Baja Naval and are having a lot of warranty work completed. The largest job at the moment is having the entire teak deck recaulked. The caulking that was used from the factory was becoming extremely gummy and even peanut butter like in some areas and was getting tracked everywhere. No one wants black caulking all over the boat so we had little choice but to remove all the old and replace with a far superior product. Or so I hope! This is an extremely time consuming process and we hope to have it done in 6 weeks. We have already run into a number of hurdles but are overcoming them. My experience with Baja Naval was not great in the first 2 weeks and I was not getting the quality of craftsmanship nor the number of workers I had been promised. It took some extreme “persuading” to finally get things moving along the way they should have been from the start. Things now are moving along nicely and I hope be back in the water in 3 weeks time, headed up to Marina del Rey for the summer.

Hope that catches us up to present. I obviously left out a lot of detail but I am sure I will fill in the blanks as time goes on. I will try to post at least once per week now and keep you updated on our progress. Image


Cabo delivery of 78ft Felina

November 10, 2013

Just back from an epic delivery of the beautiful custom built 78ft motor yacht/sport fisher Felina. Our delivery schedule took us from Marina del Rey to Ensenada to check in and then straight down to Cabo. The boat handled magnificently and the lake-like conditions didn’t hurt either. Despite it being November, it is still epic out there on the water! We of course had a few issues to fix along the way and upon arrival but all the spares on board and the redundancy in systems made for a nice delivery. ImageImageImageImageImage

Marina del Rey

August 6, 2013

It has been a bit overcast the last few weeks here in Marina del Rey. We have, however, had some beautiful sailing weather. One to Two foot seas and 12kts of breeze has been the norm for the last 3 days! Took the Beneteau 40 Lynn Lee out to Malibu and back yesterday and it sure was beautiful! Things have been slow in the marina because of the overcast skies, but I still encourage all of you to come out and enjoy the pristine sailing conditions!

Back in LA

May 30, 2013

So it looks like for some reason a few of my final posts did not make it onto the blog. I will have to try and track down my Tahiti post and get it up here. But, I am not back stateside and am currently in Los Angeles. I am getting back out on the water as much as possible. I taught a lesson on a Hobie sailboat yesterday and am doing a delivery on a Carver tomorrow from Dana Pt up to Marina del Rey. The summer is about to begin and everyone is getting their fleets and crews ready. I am currently figuring out the logistics of all the various work I will be doing this summer so if you are in need of any boat assistance, now is a great time to let me know about it!

Hiva Oa

April 23, 2013

Hiva Oa is another beautiful spot in the Marquesas. It is far more industrial than Fatu Hiva but still very rural on our standards. The anchorage was very crowded and we ended up anchoring too close to the freight dock, requiring us to move in the morning incase a ship was going to come in. On Wednesday morning we dinghied to shore where we were picked up by our tour guide Frida for the day. She took us first to immigration to check into the country. All went smoothly there and we were then off to explore the island. We took the main road which runs all over the island up the mountains and down the switchbacks from one side to the other. We saw many little towns and beautiful valleys. Along the way we stopped at a few key locations. One of them was called the smiling tiki. It is a rock carving of a tiki that is smiling and we were asked to identify if it was a man or a woman. We went with woman based on hand placement and the way the hair was done. It turns out we were correct but for all the wrong reasons. Oh well. We also stopped at some petroglifs, as well as a nice beach, and a farm where they were making dried bananas. We were able to sample the bananas as well as buy a lot of additional fruit. At the end of the all day tour, after bouncing along the miles and miles of dirt road, Frida brought us back to the boat around 6 PM.

We had made plans to have dinner onboard our friend’s boat Double Diamond so we stopped by Murar’s Dream, grabbed a few supplies, then took the dinghy to Double Diamond. Andy cooked up his famous chicken coconut curry and the 6 of us told our war stories and conversed over some fine food and bubbly celebrating safe arrival to French Polynesia.

The following morning Andy, Debra, and I, along with Melody and Cassie from Double Diamond, walked the 45 minutes into town. We explored the local shops and bakeries and I splited off with the Double Diamond crew while Andy and Debra hiked up to view the local cemetery. After a few hours of exploring it was back to the boat so that I could pack.

I began what turned out to be a rather lengthily process of putting everything I had in 2 large duffle bags and my backpack. By the time I was finished they were stuffed full and quite heavy. I was worried that they might not make weight for the plane but I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best; I did pay the extra $150 for the 2 bag ticket but was still concerned.

After packing, we refueled Murar’s Dream. This is no pull up to the dock and drop the nozzle in. Nope. This had to be done using the 5 gallon cans. We loaded them into the dinghy, headed over to the fuel station, filled the cans, then back in the dinghy to empty them into Murars Dream’s tank. 2 hot sweaty trips later she was full!

After dripping sweat for a few hours Andy and I headed back to shore to use the outdoor shower for a well deserved rinse. It was then time for my going away dinner out at the local pizza restaurant. But, we could not head there without first heading to Double Diamond for Margaritas. Jeff makes a mean Margarita! An hour and a few drinks later everyone was sufficiently boisterous and we disbursed on the dinghies to the dock where the restaurant had sent a car to pick us up. 9 of us squished into the Range Rover and headed up to dinner. I ordered an everything pizza that was piled high with lots of veggies including artichoke hearts and too much other stuff to remember. No olives though! It was absolutely delicious! A few bottles of wine and a few martini glasses of chocolate mousse later, we piled back into the car and it was back to the boats! It was a wonderful last night full of fun and conversation with some of the nicest people on the seas.


Hiva Oa airport. I was free to run right out onto the runway if I had wanted to.

Hiva Oa airport. I was free to run right out onto the runway if I had wanted to.

Smiling Tiki

Smiling Tiki

Lookout point

Lookout point

Hiva Oa lunch spot

Hiva Oa lunch spot

Largest Tiki on the Island

Largest Tiki on the Island


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